Search within OneDrive for Business does not index eml / msg / txt files


Dear community,


I'm archiving email messages to OneDrive for Business, organized into folders in a certain manner, then create share link to a folder and post it into other system for users to have a direct access to the relevant location.


This works ok so far and now I want to let users search this massive archive of emails.

Our IT heroes could not get it work and were told (by MS Support I believe) that eml and xml files are not indexed by OneDrive search. Bad, but we could save the files as .msg and this would be ok too. But no luck here - no search within .msg files.


So I've decided to make a simple test: convert the file content into plain text and save as .txt file. I figured this should work because OneDrive for Business "filter search results" lists plain text files as one of the known formats to filter by.


And yet, 3 hours after the file was created, the content from it still could not be  found by the Search.


I suspect there might be something with the search settings or the way I create files (I user MS Power Automate aka Flow connector to OneDrive for Business to create files). No matter what the file format is, Search can only find files by its name, full or partial. But not by the content.


What am I missing?


Thank you,


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