New OneDrive Admin Center...localization issue?


Ey all, I'm seeing a localization issue in the new OneDrive Admin Center...basically I have configured my administrator user to use English as the default language and everything works as expected (Office 365 Portal, SPO Administration Center, ...) but the new OneDrive Admin Center is displayed in this a known issue/bug?

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Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín,


That certainly sounds like a bug to me! I'll forward it along to the rest of the team and see if it's an obvious fix. If not, I'll let you know so we can debug further. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

Thanks Stephen!

Hey @Juan Carlos González Martín,


Right now we are consuming whatever language your browser is set to use, instead of the organization language setting. We'll keep looking into this further though and see if it's easy to make the switch over. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

OneDrive Program Manager II

That's explain the issue...imho localization should work in the same way for all the services in Office 365 but it seems that not the case for some pieces of Office 365 such as the OneDrive Admin Center and Microsoft Teams...however, Planner, OWA, Security & Compliance Center, SharePoint Online Administration, etc are displayed in the language selected by the user
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That makes sense to me as well. We will look into it shortly.


Hi Stephen,
I've just faced the same issue as Juan. Please let me know when it is going to be fixed? Thanks in advance!


BR, Andrey

Hi Andrey,


We've got this fix in our backlog but don't have a timeline just yet. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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Any progress on that issue?

Also eager to understand the current state of this. It makes it hard to collaborate with admin colleagues from other countries when we can't refer to the same naming.

And it's been more than 1½ years since your were going to look into it shortly.