Inteligent ODB MySite Provisioning



Im working on mass migration from onprem File Servers to ODfB and because its in global company the roll out is divided into many phases. In such large environment we need to have a control ODfB usage. Therefore we disabled MySite Auto-provisining feature. We have build a custom portal for managing provisining and life cycle of user of ODfB.


I wanted to ask if someone can point me to some article or best practices for following feature which would make above easy to understand for end user. The feature:

When user clicks in Office App (left top corner) the ODB app tile, this points to custom URL where simple check willbe performed to see if user already have MySite,

if yes than it redirects to user MySite

If Not than it redirects to a custom portal (the one mentioned above)when user can find all the rest of relevant information how to request it, what are the limitation, guides, videos. 


I believe similar need is not only in my head so I hope that someone have already some expirience with it.


thanks in advance


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The problem I see here is that you cannot replace the default ODFB Tile
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