Change primary email address, now unable to see anything

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I've made a major error (& stupidly), I changed the primary email address on my O365 account, everything seem to work ok except OneDrive for Business, I was getting access denied to everything, possibly permissions hadn't changed over? Anyway impatiently I to reverted back to the old email address and now when I login to OneDrive it is appearing as a brand new OneDrive except my recent files are there but when I click on them I receive a 404 File not found error.


Has anyone come across this before? Hope you can help!

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Talk to your Office 365 Admin so he can makes owner of your old ODFB and recover the files

My I ask how you changed the primary emailaddress? As far as I know, nothing should change regarding your login unless you change your UPN


/ Adam

Hi Adam


I changed this via the Office 365 admin page, left it for a few hours but couldn't access anything in onedrive, changed it back (probably shouldn't have done that) and now one drive is blank.


I have noticed that if I add a "1" to the personal path, so browse to I get an access denied, but can't see where I can amend the permission.


The account I am using is a global admin and it doesn't appear in the sharepoint admin page under user profiles.

under user profiles in sharepoint - can you see your old OneDrive site? Where is the "1" coming from?

Are you using the same login credentials (username) now as before your mail change? 


/ Adam