Keyboard shortcuts for Styles

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I'm running Word 16.34 on Mac OSX 11.0 Big Sur. 


I'm trying to set up keyboard shortcuts for each of the most-used Styles that I'm using to write a book. (basically, Body Text, Heading 1,2,3, and a few more). I know how to modify styles and even attach a keyboard shortcut to each. My questions: 
1. In trying to assign F1 to Body Text, but when I do, an error beep sound comes up and I'm not able to assign F1 to anything. I can assign any other F key, as well as assortment of other shortcuts (Command-6 for example), but F1 seems to default to being for Undo command (also assigned to the standard Command-Z). The menu bar doesn't show it as F1, but that's definitely what it does, in any or all of my Word docs. Is this standard for everyone's version of Mac Word? Is there a way to release it from Undo? 

2. Is there any easy way to see what keyboard shortcut is assigned to each/any Style? 

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