Updating/Forcing AddressList/GAL on Office 365

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How automatically update Global addressList on Office 365 Exchange?

I found command Set-AddressList -Identity “All users” , but how create task scheduler ?

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Hello@Tommy2070  !

Do I understand you correctly that you have created an address list and want to make this show up for the users?

Or do you want to automatically update an exisiting address list based on certain criterias ( for example  all users in a specific department should be a member of the address list ) 

Thank you in advance! 
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Oliwer Sjöberg

I want to automatically update an exisiting address list (Offline Global AddressList) , because new employees at work occur after a period of time (on Outlook 365 client)

I'm still not clear what exactly you are trying to achieve here. Being a SaaS offering, Office 365 handles tasks such as updating address lists automatically, we as the customer don't have access to Update-AddressList. The OAB is automatically updated once every 24h and we have no control over the process.


Generally speaking, if you have created a new list or updated the recipient filter on an existing one, you need to "tickle" the objects in order for them to appear. This is done by changing any attribute of the object, for example customattributeXX.

Generally speaking there are 2 methods of updating an address list in Exchange Online 

  1. Create the address list before you create the users – then all new created users will show up, if they match the filter criteria.
  2. Update existing user’s attributes by re-setting a property in the mailbox (or in the user properties, if it’s f.e. a contact).

So with this said, if you have an existing Address list and create  a new user that matches that address lists filter criterias, it should populate. 


Or, am i  misstaking you and what you actually need assistans with is creating the address list itself?

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Outlook Global address book work fine.

But  (Offline address book ) outlook has no recent users , you need to wait up to 24h for it to renew. 

That's why I was thinking of a faster upgrade

aha now I understand! 
In Outlook do the following to download the OAB since the last changes 





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Maybe there is a way to update automatically for the entire company?



If you have Intune, you can push a script to automatically download the addressbook for all customers. But its not easy you should be careful not to do any unintended harm.