Transferring Office 365 hosted by GoDaddy to Office 365 hosted by Microsoft

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How do I transfer my domain from my old Office 365 account hosted by GoDaddy to a new Office 365  hosted by Microsoft? Everytime I try to setup the new Office 365 I get following errormessage: 

"" has already been added to another Office 365 mandate ( managed by GoDaddy. To add this domain to this tenant, you must contact GoDaddy support and have the domain removed from After this is done, you can come back and continue this step. 

GoDaddy isnt verry supportive so I try to seek help here :=)

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This is not a support forum though, and we can only assist you with advice. You can always try to open a support case with "regular" O365 if the GoDaddy folks are giving you trouble, but at the end the domain needs to be released on their side.

Hi Emeraldo,

I have done several migrations from GoDaddy to Office 365 in the past. The way that GoDaddy’s control panel is deeply integrated with Office 365 tenants for their customers make it almost impossible to remove the domain without GoDaddy’s support as well as do advanced admin actions you would usually do when managing 365.

If you have a different solution currently and not actively using Office 365 with Godaddy just raise a support call and ask them to strip the custom domain out of the office 365 tenant and cancel any associated Office 365 service. After you can set up in the new tenant and change DNS when required.

If you are migrating from their Office 365 and are actually using their service my recommendation is to set up the new 365 environment on the domain, get a copy of the data via PST or migrate it with something like BitTitan, arrange a call with them and get an agreed time to remove the domain, remove services and cancel the subscription so you can coordinate the setup, DNS changes and reimport of the data. There will be an outage during this scenario but you can workaround this by setting up a server to queue the mail if you know how to do this.

Hope that helps,

Best, Chris