Problems when opening an old .pst file in office 365

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When changing from one pc to a new one I could easily move Outlook content from the old .pst file to the Outlook application in the new PC by opening the old .pst file and move selected part of the map structure to the new Outlook.

I tried this in Outlook 365 and got an unexpected result. No trace of the opened .pst file and I cannot see any way to remove the opened .pst file.

However when searching for result in all accounts in Outlook 365 I get results from both new and old .pst files. The big difference is that in the old Outlook I see the map currently expanded  map structure and the name of the actual map for the email.


From the old Outlook

Outlook structure.JPG

Several questions:

Why is the Gmail account above the Outlook heading?

Where are the folders for Contacts and calendar?

Where is the one map I created below the Outlook heading? 

Why can I not close/remove the old .pst file?


New Outlook 365


Please advise me how to get out of this mess.


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