Preparing for Planner’s New Roster Containers


Microsoft will soon introduce roster containers to Planner. These are plans without Microsoft 365 Groups that apparently are tied to some mysterious new functionality. Because we have no idea what this functionality will be, we decided to disable it using Planner’s odd approach to PowerShell. Suffice to say that it’s not straightforward. Now if only someone had a plan…

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Good afternoon, Tony! Is there a release date on this yet? I saw April, but I don't see it in the roadmap anywhere. I have a client wants to use "personal" plans. Thanks so much!
Nope. I believe Microsoft took back the plan to rework some aspects. They haven't issued an updated schedule.
Boo...That was all the buzz at Ignite/Spring Edition. Thanks for the quick response and hope to see you again soon at an in-person event!
looks like they are relaunching these again in Sep- October according to message centre pos Message ID: MC279089