Possible to invoke Outlook search-in-title-bar with keyboard shortcut when ribbon is hidden?

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Prior to search-in-title-bar, I was always able to invoke search with CTRL-E, even when the ribbon and tabs were hidden. Since the update, I have not been able to find any way to get to search with a single keystroke. CTRL-E has no effect. ALT-Q does show the title bar, including the search box, but the search box is not in focus and there does not appear to be any way to navigate to the search box by keyboard.


Am I missing something? I know there has been a lot of discussion here around the relocation of the search bar, but shouldn't it still be possible to do a search by keyboard without having to unhide the ribbon?


A related issue is it no longer appears possible to search in current folder and subfolders with CTRL-ALT-Z. Is there no keyboard-based way to expand the search to subfolders other than tabbing over to the "search in" selector and navigating through the pull-down menu? The single keystroke subfolder search was a very useful shortcut -- I hope it's not gone for good!

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It appears CTRL-ALT-A still works for converting a search to "all folders" but CTRL-ALT-Z for "subfolders" is gone. Did this key-binding just get lost in the shuffle? Does anyone have the ability to get feedback to developers to ask that it be restored, as well as to make it possible to access the search bar via keyboard when the ribbon is hidden?

I've figured out most of the problem. In earlier Outlook releases, you could search subfolders just by hitting ctrl-alt-z after typing your search. Now you need to hit enter after typing the search terms, followed by ctrl-alt-z. 


The remaining problem is there does not appear to be any way to pull up the search dialog with the keyboard when the ribbon is hidden.