Outlook Calendar/Gmail Calendar Sync Issues

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I have a MS 365 subscription and also use the desktop versions of Outlook, Word, etc.  In Outlook, specifically, I have three calendars set up (work, personal, this computer only).  When I add anything to the desktop version for work or personal and "refresh" or send/receive - those newly created events disappear from Outlook and never make it to the Gmail side of things on the www.


However, when I am in my personal Gmail calendar on the www and add an event, it syncs perfectly and shows up in my desktop version of Outlook.


How can I get it to work both ways?

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It looks like you're trying to sync both ways (Outlook > Google & Google > Outlook) which may be the problem. Have you checked you've set it up properly and the limitations that there are (i.e. its usually only the Google main calendar and not any sub-calendars). Set up details at: https://www.alphr.com/how-to-sync-outlook-calendar-with-google-calendar/
I followed the steps (excellent by the way) via the link you sent - we will see if she works and thanks! I will post again if not working!