OneDrive for Business not opening

Hi Everyone,

Can somebody help me regarding with this issue?
When a user run ODFB, nothing happen. No cloud icon on the Taskbar. No error message too.

Here is what I checked already:
1. Reinstalled OneDrive from Microsoft website
2. Run OneDrive in safe mode
3. Run OneDrive as Admin
4. Checked the Event Viewer but cannot find related info for OneDrive
5. Checked the registry editor for FileSyncNGSC but it is not existing
6. Checked local group policy but all settings related to OneDrive is set to “Not Configured”
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@m365123Here is some of the quick tips that might help;


First try to remove/uninstall Onedrive from the Control panel, Registry, and make sure to delete the folders which are sync to onedrive...


Then go to > application launcher > Onedrive inside onedrive clicks on Sync option it will pop up the sync option and in meantime, it will ask you if you have the latest version of Onedrive client install from here select the option which says get latest Onedrive...


try this and let us know the updates.....