Office 365 licensing from reseller to Microsoft?

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Hello, we have gone through a partner for our Office 365 licensing and I would like to go directly through Microsoft to purchase our licensing due to the fact that our partner doesn't have the ability to add ATP licensing.  I have done a little bit of research on this and all I have found is that you have to create a new account with O365 and migrate all the mailboxes/domains over.  However, our portal gave us the ability to add separate licenses directly from Microsoft so my question is can I just purchase the licenses through our portal from Microsoft and remove the licenses from our reseller and then just remove their portal access?  Anything I'm not thinking about or any gotchas with doing this? Just trying to make this as easy as possible.  

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Yes, I think you are on the right track, buy directly from Microsoft but also check for any partner records with the reseller if they exist and follow the process to delete or remove them accordingly if applicable:


Add, change, or delete a subscription advisor partner


No migration should be needed from what I gather, though there are a few exceptions to this, something to do with syndication partners, which evidently include some big providers like GoDaddy.