Migrate Zimbra Mail to Office 365

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Migrate Zimbra Mail to Office 365


Is there a tool? should migrate mailbox, contacts and calendars



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Hi Marvin,

You can do a IMAP migration using native migration to Office 365 or use a third party tool.
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If you require to migrate Contacts & Calendars, your only choices are two:
(1) Use a third party migration tool as advised by Nuno. Some vendors that I know can help here are BitTitan, Skykick
(2) If the number of users to be migrated is not very high, you could also migrate them by means of PST Export / PST Import technique

+1 on BitTitan as a migration tool for Zimbra to Office 365.

Hi Marvin,


I addition to the other responses I'll like to provide you with a link to the Office 365 mail migration advisor as well as one for Onboarding and set up guidance.


Office 365 mail migration advisor


Deployment advisors for Office 365 services

Hi Marvin,


You can also check out CodeTwo Office 365 Migration: to migrate emails from Zimbra to Office 365 via IMAP. Just make sure IMAP is enabled on the source server, and you have a list of users' credentials to access the source mailboxes.


If you would like to give it a try, here you can download a free trial version:


If you have any questions about CodeTwo Office 365 Migration, give me a shout.


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