Microsoft Action Pack Office365 E3 subscription

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Purchased Microsoft Action Pack last March and expire on 10 March 2020, but now I have 0 licence for Office 365. How is that so?








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Microsoft Action Pack acquisition is shown on the partner center. 
After purchase, tokens provided on the center need to be redeemed to be showed in Office. 
Please go into your Partner Center, benefits tab if i'm not mistaken. Products for the Action Pack acquired should show there with the token to redeem. Below the token there should be a link to activate that token to your Office 365 tenant.

Please remember that tokens, be them action pack acquired or prepaid contracts, always need to be activated first and then their token redeemed. It's not automatic as you might want to renew but not use the token right away :)
If, for any reason, the token is not available, please contact GPS, Partner support.

I know I have done this before, but am having issues now for some reason.  I renewed our Action Pack yesterday and the correct expiration date appears on my benefits tab of the partner portal.  BUT I do not have the button on the actual license page to update their expiration date (by linking it to my action pack).  


I'm getting concerned because our Azure and E3 licenses expired last month and I need to get them renewed using the action pack token.



Cheryl Hamm