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Hi All,


I have a outlook user who is getting message that mail box is full, but when I check on Microsoft online(EAC) it says it is using only 25 GB out of 99 GB , screenshot below. User out look also shows usage as 25B. Even Get-MailboxStatistics shows 25GB used. please let me know if there is anything that can do here. 



Thanks in advance.


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Can you share the message that the user is getting?

Thanks @Adin_Calkic ,


the user just sent me the screen shot and it says Archive mailbox, so i think this is expected isn't it ?


is there a way to supress this alert going to user?



Do you have any archive policies enabled?
if you are admin check it out in Compliance portal.

It might be that you have a archive policy for that user and it's getting full. Depending on the license you have limited quota.
yes, we moved all his email to archive because his mailbox was full
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that makes sense, just get the license Exchange Online Plan 2 and assign it to the user or delete old emails from archive.

good luck.