Group Not Showing Up Within Teams.

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Hi Guys,


We have a Group setup OK within Outlook that does show OK within Planner. The group also is seen on the desktop of Outlook. However this group unlike others is not showing up within my Team application. Has anyone else come across this one and if so what was the fix?


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Existing Groups already have Exchange mailbox and calendar & Planner. You can create a new Team and connect it with an existing Office 365 Group. For more details, you can use this reference from AvePoint:

Are you the owner of the Office 365 Group? It won't be available in Microsoft Teams to add Teams features unless you're an owner of the group. I don't think it's enough to be a global admin. You must be an owner too. 

Spot on Thank you.

Unfortunately, different things happen depending on how you create a group.


If you create a group from OWA, Outlook, or by running New-UnifiedGroup, you get a nice new Office 365 Group with all its resources - but it is not team-enabled and therefore doesn't show up in Teams. You have to go through the Add Team routine and discover (if you are the group owner) that the group is there to be team-enabled.


If you create a Team from scratch, it is group-enabled because a team needs a group (but a group does not need a team)...


It would be nice if Microsoft allowed a team to be created during the group creation process. Or if they changed New-UnifiedGroup to add a new parameter so that you could run New-UnifiedGroup -TeamCreation:$True (or even Set-UnifiedGroup to update a previously created group). 


But Teams is still a young application and these gaps are likely to exist until they are closed off as part of the maturing process.

Thank you so much Darrel, I was looking for this as I was unable to see the existing O365 group while  creating a new group in 'Team'.

But now I noticed, I was not the owner of those group.

Issue solved, Thanks again :)