Excel Documents won't open from email

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When I click on an excel file in my email, it opens Excel but will not pull up the document.  The excel workplace is blank.  If I click on the document and choose save instead of open, I then have to close the blank excel application, start excel from the desktop and open the file from wherever it was saved.

This is a windows 10 notebook with excel 16. 

Incidently, this is the only computer I have that does this.  All other installations pull the document up directly from email.  Any ideas?

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Repairing your Office will fix this issue

Thanks,  What is the procedure for repairing my office install?

Thank you. I found a Microsoft article on repairing Office and am doing it now.

We have found that just signing out of Office and then back in fixes the issue.

Thanks to everyone for the help.  Signing in again didn't seem to help but an Office repair took care of the problem.

Where to find the repair tools for excel or office? Replies in general that I read are much to short, please help by making it clear for dummies. 

i having the same suggest