Excel - Customize protection to have multiple users with varied access and permission of a worksheet

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In Excel is it possible to customize protection/access per multiple users?  Can you have multiple users that log in to a worksheet and each user have a customized varied access and permission of the worksheet?  How is this done?  Thank you for your assistance.


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@Marcy619 You can use Azure Information Protection and/or Sensitivity Labels to achieve this, e.g. some users can edit and copy data within Excel, others can only edit and some can only view the data. This kind of protection travels with the file. I suggest you check https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/compliance/sensitivity-labels?view=o365-worldwide 


Alternatively, you just set different permissions on where the workbook is stored if that's good enough for you (e.g. some users can edit the Excel file, others have read-only access).

@Pavel Otych  Thank you for the response.  I was looking to know more about actual changes to data in a worksheet and giving permissions to some and not to others and giving some permissions to change certain cell content while others can change  a different set/range of cell content - vs - security/firewall.  Is is possible to give multiple users varied permissions to a worksheet with varied access to cells/ranges and what each user can change?

@Marcy619 Oh, I see what you mean. Such a thing is not possible with AIP/Sensitivity labels - the permissions are set for the whole workbook, you cannot set different permissions for specific cells/ranges. 


However, there is such a feature in Excel which allows access to specific ranges to specific domain users - https://support.office.com/en-us/article/lock-or-unlock-specific-areas-of-a-protected-worksheet-7548... I have no experience with that though.

@Pavel Otych Sure do appreciate your help.  Thank you.  I am looking into your suggestion.