Download a single file from "Shared with me" folder in OneDrive for Business

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In the "Shared with me" folder in OneDrive for Busines it's easy to download multiple files or a folder. Just select the files or a folder, and then click on Download. However, when I select only one file I do not get the download option in the menu at the top. The workaround is to first open the file and then download.


Is it supposed to be like this, or is it something wrong on my side? I have tried different browsers (Edge, IE11, Chrome) and searched this forum without finding an answer.

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Yeap, this is something I have seen lately and that I did not expected. Adding some folks here that might help: @Salvatore Biscari @Stephen Rice

Yes, this is new for me too...

It is quite odd that it is possible to download multiple files, individually selected, but not single files.

cc @Stephen Rice

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Hey all,


I just chatted with the owners of this area and this is going to be one of those head scratching explanations :) . Under the hood, the code path that controls single file download and multi-file download are actually separate (and very different apparently). In the SWM view, we were able to light up multi-file download very easily, but single file was a little bit tougher (different requirements). The good news is that the team is aware of the issue and looking at it in more depth. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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What's the current situation with this? I have the same issue when an attempt to download a file from search results (similar to


Is this caused by a tenant level configuration?



Hi @Ian Halliday,


This is not due to any particular tenant configuration but has more to do with the architecture that pwoers the Shared with Me experience. We aren't ready to make any commitments just yet but we definitely want to make download work and we are continuing to investigate on our side. 


Hope that helps!

Stephen Rice

Hi Stephen,


Thanks for the fast reply.


I've primarily noticed this on search results when using the main OD4B search. Am I right to assume this is because the 'Shared with Me' experience is in effect a preconfigured 'search result'?




Hi @Ian Halliday,


Download from search is related to the Shared With Me architecture but it has some additional challeneges as well. Also under investigation currently :) Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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I also can't find a way to download a shared file. The file is a 363MB PowerPoint with video. Editing it in PowerPoint online is crashing. The only way to edit is to download it. Also, it's too slow to use the PowerPoint in a formal presentation using PowerPoint online, but the only way I found to download it is to open it in PowerPoint online and then download. This keeps crashing for this large file.


I need a simple way to just download the file!

As a workaround, the owner could put the file in a folder and share the folder (not the file).

Then you should be able to download the folder (with the file).


Hi @Stephen Rice


Has this issue been addressed? I am having a similar but different situation here.


I shared with our client a folder that contains multiple sub-folders via link. They were able to see the download option when nothing is selected under the master folder, but unable to download any individual folder. In addition, if they go into the sub-folder and click the files within it, they can now select and download multiple. 


Why is that? And is there a workaround to enable them to download those sub-folders one by one? 



Thank you!

Hi @Deleted,


This sounds like the same issue and unfortunately, there hasn't been any change just yet. The issue is still under investigation. Thanks!


Stephen Rice

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I'm seeing this exact issue - is it really still an issue from over 2 years ago? @Stephen Rice 

Hi @Dave_Amphlett_Maistro  - Thanks for bringing this up. I am digging in now. I will circle back with any updates we have to share.