Create Shared Folders in OneDrive for Business as "root" instead of under Admin's personal account

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We want to set up a large Shared folder(s) on OneDrive to act as effective file server for client files, etc. These shares would be available to all the members of our organization.


I understand that the process of setting up the folder(s) and sharing them with Edit permissions to all team members on our account.


I also understand that the process for adding a shared folder to a specific user’s OneDrive folder is navigating to the folder in the Online view and clicking Synch.


My question is – we want the shares we build to live at the “root” of our OneDrive, and not be presented (either in the app or online view) as part of the Admin's personal account. It seems that using the process above, the shared folders show up in the OneDrive app as:


WordsFresh > PERSONAL ACCOUNT > Shared Folder


Where we would want them to appear as:


WordsFresh > Shared Folder


Is there a way to accomplish this?



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I'd rethink this, I could be wrong but a SharePoint Team Site would be a better fit for this? I don't think you'll achieve what you are after for this scenario with OneDrive for Business. The problems you are seeing are because it not designed to be used that way.
Let's see what other feedback you get, as there may be other options.
Technical possibility aside, IMO this is not the way to go. Just thinking of the future admin headache you are potentially creating here. Essentially think of OneDrive as personal 'me' and SharePoint as 'we' I.e. shared. In essence I feel you are considering building against the design of OneDrive and future and frequent changes could break your model however carefully planned.

@Ken Hardin

We have recently discussed this topic in this thread:

Read the thread carefully, as well as the articles that have been referenced.

Hope it helps...

I agree with the others.  Based on my understanding of what you are trying to do, it sounds like a SharePoint team site, or creating and Office 365 Group for the various clients might be the way to go instead.  OneDrive’s primary purpose is for each user to store their personal files, maybe occasionally sharing them with someone else.  If you want the whole team to collaborate around files for a specefic client or topics, SharePoint/Team Sites are the better option.

Hi Ken,


For that solution I advise to use SharePoint Site regarding OneDrive.


As other said is better to control and OneDrive was not designed to work like SharePoint.


absolutely agree with comments, SharePoint Online is shared space for company needs and OneDrive is for personal needs. 

Anyway how to create structure on sharepoint online, few tips:

- think about external and internal sites (documents, information etc..) - use site collections

- use in the structure more libraries, sites, subsities do NOT use one library for all company documents - check limitations

- be ready with limitatons of using OneDrive for Business applications - new Windows 10 is ready and more flexible with integrated OneDrive app

- try adoption campaing for users, what is the best way how to use services, not just SPO, but also exchange etc..



Hi all,


I just found this older thread and have the same request - to be able to create shared folders in OneDrive that are not linked to an individual.


I agree that SharePoint would be a better option, but we don't yet use SharePoint online.

We need a cloud based location to store documents that would be accessed by key staff during a Business Continuity event, or Crisis Management event, etc.

The staff need to be able to access the documents from where ever they are, with appropriate security.


OneDrive, since we already have it, sounds like a good option except for the constraint that the folders to hold the documents appear to have to be linked to an individual. My main concern (other than it looking a little poor) is what happens if that staff member leaves the organisation.


So, does anyone know if it is possible to create shared folders in OneDrive that are not linked to a user?



Hi Craig

I have exactly the same query, were you able to get an answer to this? Can you set up a central shared drive folders that are not linked to one particular person?