48 delay when migrating a user to Teams

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We are in the middle of migrating users from Skype for Business to Teams.  But now, when we switch a user's Coexistence mode (either using the admin gui or PowerShell) teams on their desktop gets activated within 1 hour and their meetings get changed to Teams... but the user is able to use both Skype and Teams (Which is different from the warnings and documentation we sent out to users).  It's almost like the user is half migrated.


Also the admin gui still shows the user's Coexistence mode as "Skype for Business with Teams collaboration" even though the user can fully use Teams. If I run the PS command Get-CsMeetingMigrationStatus, it shows the user as successfully migrated.

It stays this way for about 48 hours and then the gui shows the user fully switches to Teams only.   Is anyone having the same experience?  Before, it only took 1 hour for the switch to fully actually happen.

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I’ve experienced more delays too and it’s well known also due to the current situation with Covid-19 and lots of overload


@adam deltinger Ok... good to know it's just not me.  I haven't seen anything in the service health regarding Teams migration so that's why I asked. Thanks Adam!