Sharing lists with others outside your organization

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I recently decided to finally move from Wunder to To-do .

It is a work account but I also have some personal lists to share with my wife (Ie.g. groceries).

How do I share lists with her? if I invite her she gets an error as she is not part of my work organization /group.

Do I need two separate accounts or something (ugh) - how would that work in the app?

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I have the same question. We have switched to ToDo and cannot share list outside org.

@TQFord  I think this is a question that MS keeps avoiding. Why aren´t we getting an answer if this is going to be possible at all or when it´s planned. The silence is complete!
MS, please let us know so we can go on and find a worthy alternative to Wunderlist.


You are correct. You cannot currently share lists outside your organization. We've voiced this concern (loudly) and MS seems to be listening and have promised an end-of-March 2020 implementation of being able to share with others with an @Outlook account. Not ideas, but it's free and should work. 

After that, they plan to open it up like Wunderlist was. No date on that. 

Yes, this is a serious drawback and our company was looking at other tools if they don't fix it (ToDoist is the front runner). 

We have thousands at our company waiting to convert until this is reconciled. 

Bob (Steelcase Inc) 

This is horrible. So MS has announced the shutdown of Wunderlist, yet there is no way to share outside of the ToDo org.  Just terrible MS.



I'm with you on this.  This is beyond annoying that I am forced to switch but cannot share my list.  May be forced to switch products/apps if MS can't figure this out.  


Hi - I have a work microsoft account but realised that i have an personal microsoft account tied to my personal gmail/android setup used for Skype/Wunderlist.


The issue i have is that i have imported all my lists into a Work ToDo account that i don't need, and can't import into the second personal account that i have set up.

this is typical “old school” Microsoft. Some groups just don’t get that not everyone works in a single, large organisation. ToDo seems to have the same tenant issues as Teams. Don’t even get me started on OneDrive. What is sad is MS purchased a great product like Wunderlist, and then dumbed it down into a single tenant tool. 

Hey, has anyone had an update on this, being April now Im wondering if this has been implemented and I've missed it or the target date has been missed?


Thanks for asking. I have not heard updates and it's still not working. Several of us have been trying and not hearing from Microsoft. Also, note there are TWO suggestions for this to be opened up, so please VOTE ON BOTH. They're also not combining the two suggestions which would be the best way. 

I just converted yesterday from wonderful Wunderlist.  I guess I'll have to find another app now.  I have lists for work and personal.  Most of these people on my personal side will not be getting a Microsoft account just to use the app nor can I force them.  I can't share outside of my organization with my wife, and does have a Microsoft 365 account.  So, disheartening that MS takes a great product and throws it in the garbage.

Hi all. Wanted to let you know that I have been able to use Todoist to share lists across the family without everyone having to have the same email domain

Any update here? I still can’t share lists with my wife. This is a complete deal-breaker. I’ve loved so much about Teams, but now I’m actively being punished for paying for Office 365. It’d be MORE functional if we used gmail for the business and signed up for a free Teams account! 🤦🏼‍:male_sign:🤦🏼‍:male_sign:🤦🏼‍:male_sign:
This problem is annoying, but there is a work around. If you use a non-Microsoft email address (eg gmail), then you can share with anyone.
Thanks, of course if you do that you cant sync to the MS account Outlook calendar, and i cant change that (mandated).
No updates as yet.
Todoist is outstanding... but I am forced to use outlook as my calendar and only having a one-way sync with Todoist with Outlook is just too annoying for me.
Maybe Microsoft will acquire Todoist and wreck that one too ;)

@Ron4414  We thought that worked as well, but if either party has their ToDo set up using an organization's MS account, it won't work. If you can make it work, let us know as we've tried several times, across several users. 



i use MS Todo for work. I also now have Todoist for family sharing. It is a bit of a pain to have 2 different software Products, but I found this to be the least painful. 

@Ron4414 this is only a work around as long as no one uses a work account. But it doesn’t solve the problem when at least 1 person uses a work account. That is my situation- I share lists at work and I also want to share lists at home.