Flagged Emails not Syncing with Online To Do

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Emails I flag in Outlook do not appear in the Flagged emails list in the online version of To Do. Switching to Outlook online doesn't help the issue. I've also tried resetting To Do and deleting cookies, but to no avail.
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Hello @Luka_Tripalo  - In To Do, do you see the Flagged Email list choice on the left?


I ask because you have to enable Flagged Email in To Do and once you do, you'll see the Flagged Email list option on the left.


To Do Flagged Email List.png



(For further reference, here's a Microsoft Support article: Using Microsoft To Do with flagged email from Outlook - Office Support)

Hi @KellyDJones, thank you for the response.

Flagged email is enabled in To Do, but it does not really show any emails I flag in Outlook. 

@Luka_Tripalo -  How are you flagging emails?

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@Luka_TripaloJust wanted to add that I'm having the same problem. Just noticed this morning. Flagged mail doesn't appear in To Do for Win 10 or in To Do online. They do appear in my Android app (Nine Mail and Calendar) which is not a MS product. I've reset the app, uninstalled/reinstalled the app, tried unflagging/reflagging the messages online and in Win 10, and unflagging in Windows Mail then reflagging in Nine Mail on Android but have had no success.



Edit: I just tried a fresh install of Win 10--Didn't solve the problem. I know that sounds radical but it was easy for me to restore a backup image and pick up where I left off. I even tried restoring an even older image from last week and that didn't work either.

@SteveEd wow, thank you so much for all the input! I guess we can only hope that MS will fix this some time in the future :(





just wanted to say that I'm also experiencing this issue. I have tried flagging the mails in the Windows 10 mail app, Android outlook app and the web app but it does not appear in neither the Windows 10 To-Do or Android app in the "flagged" smart list.


I hope that this is fixed soon, I like the idea behind this feature. Currently I manually write tasks about specific mails.

@Luka_Tripaloand @peterjuras Flagged messages began to appear this morning. I checked in the MS Store and saw that To Do had been updated. Hopefully this is resolved.



Hi, I'm also have the same experience.


even if I uninstall the office and setup it again.

But when I tried to flag and unflag the email by the other account, it works....

what's wrong with To do.... 

@SteveEd too bad it still does not automatically appear in the To Do App we use in Teams. To get that working, I need to manully go to To Do online and switch the task category from 'Flagged Mail' to an existing category.

@Luka_Tripalo I had this issue too. What I figured out was that it doesn't take any flagged email from before I opened the Task list the first time. The way that I fixed it was to go into my email and unflag and re-flag what I wanted to keep. That fixed it. I can't believe that it doesn't do a better job of syncing but that did work. Just be careful of messages that are flagged in a thread, it will add everything in the thread, at least that's what it did on mine. I'm on a Mac but that should not matter as much as it's browser based. 




I had the same problem.  Closed outlook, re-opened, opened ToDo, then in ToDo settings I toggled the "Flagged Email" switch from On to Off, then back to On.   Then I pressed the Sync button at the bottom.  Fixed. 

The syncing isn't working for me either. I tried the web Office email app and To Do and initially flagging emails showed up under "Flagged email". However when I flagged emails from Win Outlook these only showed up in Win Outlook Tasks and not Microsoft To Do.

I installed the Win Microsoft To Do app and this is working in the same way as the web version (and ios app). Also when I tried flagging emails in the web Office email app again, they no longer show up under Flagged email either. Whatever I've done has broken it further. 

I Restarted Outlook and Microsoft To Do and re-flagged emails, this made no difference. 

Real shame as To Do and My Day is a great idea. 

update: Reboot and seems to be working now :) fingers crossed

Older flagged emails do need to be re-flagged before they show up as @JSease mentions above.

Flagged emails are correctly showing in the web and win To Do app but the ios version still isn't showing Flagged emails.
I notice on my the list refers to "Flagged email", of which I have a number on the list. However, on the new board on the Calendar (, it refers to "Flagged Emails (1)", which, if I go back to the to-do site I can add as a separate list in my to-do page. The lists appear to be completely different and I cannot sync them across those two sites, as I cannot create a custom list.


I had the same issue and did some investigation, I found this article...

To save you time it contains this wording which may be your problem, I believe it is the problem we are facing.

Note: This feature is only available if you’re using an account that’s hosted by Microsoft, such as an,, or account. It’s also available if you’re using an account hosted by Microsoft but using a custom domain.

@Luka_Tripalo I ran this command in Windows with Outlook closed, and it fixed the issue immediately.  Steps are shown here:
Flagged mails not showing up in TO-DO-list - Microsoft Community

I hope it helps.

"I had the same problem.  Closed outlook, re-opened, opened ToDo, then in ToDo settings I toggled the "Flagged Email" switch from On to Off, then back to On.   Then I pressed the Sync button at the bottom.  Fixed. "

This fixed it for me, and it has worked perfectly since. Thank you!!!

This worked for me, thanks!