Wired microphone for company Teams presentation

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We have a company presentation due next month, where the CEO will make a presentation to all the staff at one of our offices. To enable other offices to hear and see this presentation it will be broadcast through a Teams meeting.


The presenters were asking whether they could use a handheld microphone so the people on Teams could hear the presentation. There don't appear to be any hand-held microphones listed on the Teams devices site, although I did wonder whether a lapel style microphone might do the job.


Has anyone else had any experience of something similiar?

Many thanks.



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Pretty much any usb or any device that goes through a windows input device can be used. I bought a Samson wireless lapel mic with a usb receiver and it works just fine.

I also have had another input microphone for questions but I as a moderator would switch the input devices as questions came in. You could also merge the mic input sources using a sound mixer etc.
I've did a similar internal conference for our company, in this case you don't have to purchase with a dedicated handheld microphone, just using a standard wireless headset or better a Teams certified one it should do the job well. And as for your conference suggest go with a Live event unless ur CEO expect someone to ask questions.