Which dictionary uses MS Teams?

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Apparently, MS Teams uses a separate dictionary than other Office 365 applications, which unfortunately can not be edited or added to with the Teams UI.

Which dictionary uses MS Teams and where is it (path)?




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It's under C:\Users\<USERPROFILE>\appdata\roaming\Microsoft\teams\dictionaries. But you cannot be modified. There are many uservoice items for this, go vote them:



Thank you for the info.
Compared to other Office 365 applications and apps it seems to be a very stupid idea to have the dictionary file binary and not editable ...

That's the thing, it's not really an "Office 365 application", but a Chromium atrocity which the marketing team decided to bundle together with the Office apps :D Adoption numbers justify all means!

It's quite amazing that Teams indicates spelling errors and yet it doesn't have the ability to add items to the dictionary. This is the sort of thing I'd expect in an alpha version, not in a release!

Yeah, I've seen this for a while now.

Lots of comments requesting a fix.


Been seeing Microsoft promote Teams a lot lately, but apparently this isn't a curbside appeal feature.

It's more of a foundation crack you find, after you've bought as is.


Would have thought they could have spared a couple of their more than 150k employees to fix it, before marketing it.

Even just being able to read the 365 dictionary, whether or not words had to be added elsewhere, would have been a nice crutch for now.

@micolito Indeed! But it's also buggy. When I enter the word "I've", it flags it as a spelling error. Pretty common English contraction. And for those of us with OCD tendencies (myself that is), it's pretty annoying when you see correctly-spelled words flagged as spelling errors. Perhaps non-EN-US language users are not officially supported? :sad:

I don't know the internal history of the product, but officially it's the continuation of the evolution of Skype for Business. Microsoft has been pretty non-homogeneous in its approach to instant messaging since it acquired Skype, and Teams as a Microsoft 365 app is still evidence of this. Maybe it will be a much more integrated solution by the time version 2 is released. Or at least one can hope...

@GeorgieDS @Vasil Michev @PatGaul @micolito 

I'm taking this issue up as my own personal crusade for Microsoft Teams. Please see the similar suggestion "Add to Dictionary" (the only similar suggestion which has received any attention from a Microsoft employee) and help by adding your voice to the discussion. This is a disgraceful omission from this product and must be corrected as soon as possible.

Uservoice is now deactivated. Not sure when it happened, but Teams Help still has a "Suggest a Feature" item that links to the deactivated site.
It's ridiculous that Teams is not considered and Office 365 application since it is so tightly integrated with the various Office applications, especially Outlook.

And guess what this is still an issue in 2021... And is the macOS ver has the same issue....


Nice going MS, consistency is key...

I was able to update the words I had added to the dictionary via Teams by going to the following two files, editing them and saving them, and then rebooting the computer.

C:\Users\<USERPROFILE>\appdata\roaming\Microsoft\teams\dictionaries\Custom Dictionary.txt



Yeah, I'm aware of that fix or workaround or whatever you wanna call it the fact still remains teams doesn't have a direct way to do this which is bizarre. Furthermore, I open the case with Microsoft and that's how I was able to find this out.