When opening Teams desktop app there is a choice of two users with same email address / Work account

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One of my users (Govt. account) is presented with herself twice with the exact same email (as a login choice) when opening Teams. It does not matter which of those users she chooses to enter Teams with, the result is the same. There appears to be some duplication there. 

I've checked AD - there is only one account. 

I've checked User accounts on her device - there is only one account

I've deleted and reinstalled Teams - but on starting Teams there are still two accounts listed with the same email address.

User has not created a personal account with her work email address.

I am out of ideas about how to identify and or remove this second duplicated account. I don't know where to find it.

Any ideas? 



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Hello, I was going to suggest the Account settings as it really sounds as it's been added there under "Email & accounts" and/or "Access work or school" but then I kept reading and understand you've already checked that. Is it only an issue on this particular computer?

I would try this script, open PowerShell and simply copy/paste and hit enter to see if there's any difference.



Thanks. I will try another computer tomorrow and see if there is any difference.