When I start Teams, it shows -a problem occurred- restart- with an Error code 2:-1200

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Teams is blocked on this screen every time I open the desktop client. I tried to uninstall, re download, and also erase all cache elements in the library. I use Mac OSX with El Capitan. However, I am able to open and use Teams correctly in my mobile app.

The strange thing is that, when I erased all the cache and re-downloaded, it opened correctly, while after closing and opening a second time, the problem appears same as before.

Anyone can help me with this error code?

Thank you in advance.

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Hello @FabioBG   This could be any number of things, so your best solution is to go to and submit a report for your specific issue.  

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Uninstall Teams from your Mac. Look for an older version here

Instal older version.... Run and Log in with you account. Update to latest version via app without sign off

and your are god to go.