What’s New in Microsoft Teams Feature Spotlight – Automatic groupings available for channel posts

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Hey Teams Community,


We’re discussing a new feature each week mentioned in the monthly What’s New in Microsoft Teams and this week we’re looking at the ability to use automatic groupings in channel posts.


Being able to reach the right people at the right time can be essential to quickly getting a project completed. Sometimes, you’ll post in a channel but users are working in a different area of teams and haven’t noticed the post. It can help to @ mention people directly in the post, but can be difficult to know exactly which individuals to ask.


Now, you can notify the owners of the team all at once when creating a message post in a team channel by @ mentioning “Team Owners”. The grouping of “Team Owners” is automatically grouped and does not require any manual maintenance.

Automatic groupings available in Teams for channel posts.png


I post a monthly update in several channels that doesn’t require immediate attention so there isn’t a need to @ mention users there, but when something is time sensitive, I usually try to get a specific person’s attention to kick off the conversation and I can see myself using this regularly. When you create posts in a channel, do you normally @ mention users?

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I use them sparingly.
When I contact users that I know aren't heavy Teams users, I'll use it to catch their attention.
In Channel conversations, I'll use it with Tags, so that I can capture just that group of people, or I'll mention the entire team.
I try not to use it too much to avoid being overly "needy and annoying", but I do find it useful.