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I had a chance to give 'Teams' a spin and it is very promissing ... 


I'm looking forward for future integration with existing OneNote & document library.

I found counter intuitive to have a 'File' tab that is not connected to the O365 default document library, but I trust the 'Microsoft Teams' Team to release such feature eventually ...

On that note ... Can I pull the existing planner (linked to the O365 group) to a team tab? 

I could only see the option to craete a new one and I am unaware of the repercussions

- Does it create another O365 group?

- Can Teams have multiple Planner but only linked to 1 group?


Thank you for this addition to Office 365. 

You have the option to link it to existing O365 groups. Just tested it.
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Thanks for using Microsoft Teams, Julien! 1. If the default document library (I'm not 100% certain what you mean by that) is an ordinary SharePoint document site, you will be able to add that to a team shortly. We couldn't quite fit it in before today's release. 2. You can't take an existing Planner tab and show it within Teams, but we've heard a number of comments on this and we're definitely considering it. 3. When you create a new Planner tab, it's associated with the same group that's associated with the team (every team in Microsoft Team is associated with an O365 Group. While the Planner interface only supports one planner page per group, there's really no limit, so that's what we are taking advantage of. We are working with the Planner team to eliminate this admittedly confusing situation.
Hi, finally a one-place for all the team tools in O365! But really not clear how MS Teams coexist with Yammer groups/chat.... any paper to describe it?

Thanks @Bill Bliss , 'Teams' has tremendous potential and and I'm looking forward to using it and deploying it amongst employees!


1. I was refering to the Document Library from a Team Site that is created when creating an O365 Group. The library has a display name of "Document" and is located @ /Shared%20Documents/ url. Well, that is what I call the 'default' document library. Since my post, I realised that creating a channel creates a folder under that "default"  Document Library. I can totally live with that for the time being, but to increase consistency, I think the 'file' tab in the 'general' channel should point to the root of the default document library mentioned above ... hopefully this makes sense Smiley Tongue I do have further questions regarding permission, sharing, renaming (...) but I'll perform more tests tomorrow.


2. Again to keep it consistent and facilitate adoption, the planner from O365 Groups should be the default planner within the main/defaulty/general Team channel!


3. Wow, I did not know that! this is great news as I could leverage having multiple planner within a group! I would need to investigate how to aggregate tasks to a central location .. hmmm food for thoughts ...


Anyway, sorry for the lengthy post. can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us!