Webcam quality bad on Teams desktop but good on Team web

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Has anyone noticed the webcam quality in Teams desktop is bad vs Teams web? I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but this is happening to me on the same computer with the same webcam.

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@MK_MN There may be two possible solutions to this. You either need to clear your Teams cache which you will find if you type Run in the search bar then type %appdata%/Microsoft/Teams and click ok. This will take you to the folder with all the cached files for Teams. Close out of Teams and Outlook before emptying the folder. This will not delete anything saved in your Teams account like files and folders. This is just cached data. It tends to accrue a lot and slow things down. The next thing you can do is go to General in your Teams settings and click Disable GPU hardware acceleration the restart your Teams. This option puts less load on Microsoft Teams application and it will run smoother. 

@Johanna_Molina Thank you for the response. I tried both, same results. I attached 2 screenshots for both desktop and web Teams from the same computer and webcam. 

Teams DesktopTeams DesktopTeams WebTeams Web

@MK_MN You're welcome.
Have you tried to check video settings under device settings to make sure they're both attaching to the same webcam?Screenshot 2022-02-07 151901.png


Yup, Logitech BRIO - I even tried routing the feed through Logitech capture. I also updated the firmware on the webcam, same results.
I'm not sure they have a fix for this. It seems to be an ongoing issue although Logitech seems to be the one with the prominent problem from other asks throughout the years. I'm not sure which cameras we have but they're not Logitech and they have so far worked fine on both desktop and web with it lagging sometimes and the above fix helping the issue.

This seems to only be a partial solution to any ask although I'm not sure if all that is worth the bother and I've personally not used this OBS software.

I suppose you could try resetting the camera to factory default or changing the video quality in the camera settings.
Thank you again for looking into it. I am on a Zoom call and the video is fine. Will try another computer to see if that makes a difference.

Does anyone know how to get Microsoft's attention to look into something like this? It seems a lot of folks have the same issue.