We need to be able to sort each bucket by due date, or other filters

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Currently it appears that we cannot sort a buck by due date or any other filter, but only the whole team page. The capability to sort individual buckets by any number of filters is a no-brainer for most of us, I believe. 



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please advise when this function will be designed.   we would like to arrange due tasks in each bucket in each team planner by due date so they are easy to read from the top down.

Sort by due date is a helpful feature in Asana and should be added to Planner and/or Tasks by Planner and To Do.
Yes, please. This seems like a a given functionality to enable for the "Board" view within Planner.
Our team is new to the Planner Board and it's one of the first things we bumped into, and our Teams coach didnt have a solution either. @rbowering: love your request!
This is a must have feature in all the ways that Tasks are grouped. Specifically Board View > Group by 'Bucket' and 'Assigned To'

Just want to add my vote to this topic. This is a very important, and basic, function that seems to make Microsoft Tasks inferior to Trello or pretty much any other project management tool out there. Microsoft - please get busy and add this functionality! It is challenging when an upcoming task gets buried by newer ones.


Agreed. The buckets view is difficult to use without any way to sort by due date. Sure, filtering by due date is nice, but there needs to be a way to view all tasks and sort by due date.

@bbhill Agree - this ability for sort due dates under buckets is critical.  Can Microsoft please provide a timeline for when this update will be available

Agreed - this is basic functionality that other planning tools can do. it shouldn't be one dimensional.

Very disheartening to see this is still not a feature over a year and a half later. @rbowering 

It's pretty irritating, having to drag around items in the buckets to sort them manually by due date.

This seems like an easy fix. Microsoft, seriously, get on it.
I note that this conversation took place a year and a half ago. Has any progress been made on this feature?
My team and I would love to see this feature implemented in a future release!
Is there a way to filter by Start Date by bucket? And how do we add the Start Date onto cards?



Please add this functionality. It seems like one of the most useful things that should be in there as a baseline. 


Also for suggestion: add a different "type" of object. Not just tasks but "events" so that the calendar view is more robust. 

This functionality would be really helpful for my team's continued use of Microsoft Planner. Adding my vote to the chorus asking for this improvement.

This would be a great feature, and reading the replies it seems that it's been requested multiple times. Is this being considered? @rbowering 

This would be hugely helpful! @rbowering