'We couldn't complete your request because your item or storage limit has been exceeded.'

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When trying to assign myself a task on Planner, I am getting the following error message:

'We couldn't complete your request because your item or storage limit has been exceeded.'

I think this must be because I have reached a planner limit of maximum tasks assigned to a user: 3000 tasks. This same issue is also happening for some of my colleagues. 

If I create a task in the planner, I can then assign it to myself, but if anyone else has created it I cannot assign myself.

We have created a new planner (the old one was getting slow) but it seems to count all of the tasks across both planners towards this maximum task total.

Is there a way to get around/increase these restrictions?

Is there a way to export the planner data so we can delete tasks and be able to assign new tasks again?


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Hi @Emmeline_Pinion,

The error message you encountered in Microsoft Planner, stating that your item or storage limit has been exceeded, indicates that you have reached the maximum task limit for a user in Planner. The limit you mentioned of 3000 tasks is accurate as per the current capabilities of Planner. This limit includes tasks assigned to you as well as tasks assigned to others.


To address this issue and create space for new tasks, you can consider the following options:

1. Export and delete tasks: You can export the task data from Planner using the "Export to Excel" option. To do this, open your Planner board, click on the three-dot menu (...) at the top right corner, and select "Export to Excel." Save the exported file locally. After exporting, you can delete tasks that are no longer needed to make room for new assignments.

2. Archive completed or old tasks: If you have completed tasks or tasks that are no longer relevant, consider archiving them instead of deleting. This way, you can still access historical data without affecting the active task count.

3. Create separate plans: If you frequently reach the task limit, you can consider creating separate Planner plans for different projects or teams. This way, you can distribute the tasks across multiple plans and stay within the limit of each plan.

Remember to regularly review and manage tasks in Planner to maintain an optimal working environment and ensure you can assign new tasks when needed.





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I finally got around to trying this but I can't seem to export the data (I cannot find an 'export to excel' option anywhere within the planner). Similarly, I cannot see how to archive data.
I have created separate plans but am still getting the same error message.

Thanks for your help.