Voice Call codecs + general call experience

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Teams is a great software with many features, but I still feel like the way that voice call audio is handled hasn't changed since the early Skype days. It feels very archaic compared to other VoIP platforms like TeamSpeak 3 and unimpressive by today's standards.


  • Mics appear to be always on, so you hear the buzzing from low quality mics or other background noise.
  • Nothing in the settings allows you to alter the pickup volume of the microphone for Voice Activated comms instead of the continuous transmission.
  • It uses the Windows audio controls rather than having independent app volume, so when you change the call volume, everything else on your system changes with it.

The call quality itself isn't too bad, but is nowhere near as good as when using TeamSpeak 3, which uses significantly less bandwidth than Teams, using open codecs like Opus. The speaker only transmits data when they actually talk thanks to the granular settings the user can define, meaning you only hear the speakers voice and everyone else who is quiet is 'muted'. This single thing would improve the call experience greatly -The codecs probably aren't the issue here.


What is the possibility for implementing some control on the audio devices used when calling with Teams, and isolating the app in the volume mixer? 

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