Using External Devices with Android App

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So I have an external webcam and want to use it for teams on my Android Device, but the App doesn't seem to have an option for Device Information so that I can change it. Is this meant to be this way or is there a way to get external webcams to work on the Android Microsoft Teams?

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@Jpine I haven't been able to get this to work, I don't believe it is possible. I hope they add this eventually as I can see a number of use cases this would benefit. 

@JacobSimonI figured as much, but I thought to ask the community first because I agree there would be some useful applications for this.

@Jpine My favorite use case would be for a BYOD meeting room with a type C cable connected to audio, video, and display. In a perfect world, this would work with laptops tablets and smartphones.

@JacobSimonMy use case was to create a cheap Conference Room Solution that would offer a Webcam, Teams, and Microphone for less than 200. We have sorta achieved it using Atomic Pi as every other Pi/phone variant failed due to one or more reasons. Primary issue being that Teams/Edge/Chrome are all built for i86 and not ARM.

Hoping with the new Surface device that uses an ARM CPU and has Teams on it, there be a fork to allow teams to work on Pi's.