User unable to view other participants' video from cameras in meeting.

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When in a call or meeting, one of our users is unable to see anybody's video from their camera. It just shows a black screen. People in the call / meeting are able to see this user's video, as well as everybody else's.


I've tried reinstalling teams on the device (A laptop) with no joy, I've also tried looking for driver updates but device manager says they're up to date.


This issue started occuring about 2 weeks ago, it had always worked as normal before and I'm not aware of anything that could have triggered this.


Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Hi! There are other having the same issues! They can get it to work by putting it to full screen from the meeting menu! Try that!
Also send feedback about this ( help -> feedback) or even create a ticket if you are an admin. I’ve also given notice to the product team about the issue

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Hi, thanks for your help with this. This worked and helped mitigate the issue for our user. We managed to fix entirely by disabling GPU hardware acceleration in the Settings menu.
Hi, thanks for bringing this to my attention. This fixed my issue