User get E-Mail notification for chats even if this is disabled in Teams settings

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Our users set in Team Settings> Notifications> EMail> Missed activity emails to Off and still get mails 'your teammates are trying to reach you'. Isn't this the proper way to disable these mails?

Regards, Mario

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@MarioM Is it possible the emails are coming from another tenant where the user is a guest?

@Steven Collier No, the chat was from an user in the same M365 organization. I checked, if the settings in desktop app and web client are the same.

@MarioM How long have you waited? I don't think it's instant, would give it 24 hrs.

@MarioM Since yesterday (March 23) our users who have notifications disabled are now receiving notifications again.  This includes reaction notifications when the reaction notification setting is disabled, as well as email notifications when those are disabled.

Yes some users report, that they get the email nofification again, without changing the settings, in the last few days. So ill open a supportrequest at our csp.
Any updates on this? I got the same problem in my organisation :) thanks
Also having this issue in my org - missed activity emails and notifications for chat reactions, even when these settings are disabled.
Hi also Have the problem in my org, any update?
There is still an open support case and ongoing investigations at microsoft. in our tenant problem still exists.
The support asked us to toggle the notification on, wait a few minutes and the turn it off again and now the notifications are no longer send. In our tenant, the problem is now solved. We did nothing on our side.