URL previews stopped working

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Hi -  URL links used to show a preview when posted in Teams. It was very helpful but stopped working a few days ago and I can't figure out why (am on the free version).  Any ideas?


I have searched online and tried the help function in Teams but can't seem to find a setting or solution to go back to having previews. 


any help or advice would be great.

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Thanks for reaching out to us with this issue. 


I did a test with my own freemium tenet and I was able to post a link and a preview was included, so it is meant to be working.


Please update us if this issue is still being observed.



Jason Schumaker

Teams Program Manager

@Jason_Schumacher; it's still happening with Twitter - seems to work for other urls / web sites but links to tweets no longer preview...however, they did when I was initially using the program so I'm not sure what happened. Is there any way to resolve the issue with previews of links to tweets? eg - this is the only image I get, not the one from the tweet:





Thank you for sharing more details on your experience. After looking into this further, I think I have a solution to unblock you, but also a bug for our product team to investigate.


I'm noticing some URLs will only preview after the post is made. I tried this with twitter and it worked. Please try this and update us if it works for you.

@Jason_Schumacherthanks for responding. I'm not sure if you mean the Teams post or the Twitter posts when you say after. In any case, the tweets have already been posted, as well as the Teams posts, so in both cases, I'm still getting not getting a url preview afterwards.


Hello Jason,


do you have an explanation why the URL preview sometimes isn't working?
I have a channel where we post links to TED Talks on a weekly basis. We either insert it directly at the end of our post or sometimes "hide" the link behind a text. Neither option is working right now. I also tried to insert the speech using a YouTube link. There's simply no preview in Teams although it worked a hundred times before. Any ideas what causes this problem?