Uploads to teams chat stuck

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Hello -


I am having an issue trying to upload really any file to my microsoft teams chats. Whether it be a jpeg, excel file, word doc, anything. It will constantly get stuck at the very beginning of the upload.



I have tried this in the web application as well with no luck. This is a recent issue for me as I have always been able to upload files into my chats. 


any help is much appreciated! 

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Is seems by the picture this is in a channel?

Does anyone in the same team have the same issues? Can you upload files to other channels / other teams?

Also try uploading a file from SharePoint. In the files tab click”open in SharePoint” and upload from there.


@adam deltinger Thank you for the reply! 


This is a channel at work with my colleagues - nobody else seems to have this issue.


Trying to upload from our OneDrive I get this message 



However, my OneDrive is completely empty.. I go to my OneDrive site and there isn't anything available to delete, and when I go to my file path of C:\User\OneDrive there isn't anything in there either to delete. 

Turns out my storage was also counting my recycle bin... so it WAS full but was including all the files that I thought had been "deleted" which wasn't the case

@lshirley30 I ran into the same problem with you? How did you get it fixed? thanks