Unified search across Teams SharePoint, Teams Chat and Group Messages

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Is there a unified search option to search across all Teams content in a specific team:

  • Chats in public channels
  • Content posted to the Teams SharePoint
  • E-mail sent into Teams e-mail box ("Conversations" list item)


So far I've discovered that:

  • Search from the search bar in Teams app only searches conversations
  • Search in Teams SharePoint only searches SharePoint content - e.g. wiki, file uploads, but not conversations or e-mails
  • Clicking on Conversations takes you to outlook web inbox


The overall purpose of this unified search is knowledge management - discover already discussed topics.

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Not yet, but it's coming and its name is Microsoft Search
Thanks - do you know if it is coming Real Soon Now [tm] or is there a concrete deadline?
Unfortunately I don't have an ETA for you, Microsoft has not shared plans or details about when Microsoft Search is going to be available in Teams. Sorry for not being more helpful