Unable to Upload or attach files using Teams chat

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One of our users with E3 license unable to attach/upload files using teams chat. 

In event viewer I was not see anything, I have even checked the logs in Teams I do not see any Please help. 

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Did you try using the browser Teams client as well, preferably via private session? Any specific error message?

@Vasil Michev That is the strange thing, there is no error, it tries to attach the file and then disappears. same in both Application and Browser and she has two different computers its same on both.

I have two users (out of 16000) that have reported the same issue

They can attach from Onedrive, but not from My Computer (or drag, drop)
Same behaviour in both Teams client and a Browser
Very odd

Did this ever get solved ? Having users with same issue
Just gonna add this on the topic, not saying it's the solution for all issues with attachments in chats.

If users aren't assigned SharePoint licenses, they don't have OneDrive storage in Microsoft 365. File sharing works in standard channels, but users won't be able to share files in chats without OneDrive storage in Microsoft 365.
Hey thanks @ChristianJBergstrom - user has been using Teams fine for the past year, this is all of a sudden. As a workaround she uploads to Onedrive then sends links from there.
That is absolutely right@ChristianJBergstrom
A new Microsoft Teams issue for me: I'm now unable to send messages to larger groups (>50) that have images attached (png and jpg). This wasn't an issue for the past 6 months (same rough group size, same files). I can attach these files no problem for a small group or individuals but with the large group it consistently says, "failed to send." I submitted a ticket to my work IT department and they were unable to figure it out. Thought it could be an issue with Microsoft Teams. Any advise? Thanks