Unable to see contact status

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I am running New Teams (version info below) which just updated today (02/10/2023). In previous versions, I was able to hover over a chat with a contact and it would let me know their status, as well as their out of office details if they had them set.


In this version, I am unable to see this info, where has it gone? I have tried clicking on their image, right clicking, double clicking, but nothing seems to get it back - it



You have Microsoft Teams version 23247.1112.2396.409.

You've got the latest version. It was last updated on 02/10/2023.

The client version is 49/23090112276.

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@sovz400 It's certainly still a feature in later versions of the client I have, so its not gone away. Maybe try a reboot or wait for the next client to come through. 

@StevenC365 thanks for that


I had another update this morning and the functionality is back! :)