Unable to register for Microsoft Teams

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I'm redirected to you by Microsoft Support Belgium.

I'm trying to register for Microsoft Teams on using my account,

It fails with message "Your account seems to be an education account" (in french: Votre compte semble être un compte scolaire), although my account is a private account with a Family 365 subscription.

Thanks for your help,

A. Baudhuin

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Hi @AlainBaudhuin,

The domain looks to be registered to Proximus nv/sa and directs to their site. Does this company provide you with your service?

To note, that Teams is coming for Family subscriptions soon

So my recommendation is

1.) Wait for Microsoft Teams to be added to Family 365 subscriptions in the coming months
2.) If you want a free Microsoft Teams account sign up with another address such as an address

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris



Thanks for your answer. Teams being added to family subscription is great news indeed. Nevertheless, I'm still worried about my account to be considered an "education" account (which it is not). is indeed a domain by Proximus, which is my internet service provider. Nevertheless, Proximus is a general Telco operator, and has nothing to do with Education, nor with my Microsoft account. 

Why would anyone consider that the domain makes my account an education account ? 

Thanks for your clarifications !