Unable to publish a chatbot created in Teams

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Hi Team,


I have created a chatbot using Power Virtual Agent in team. Im able create topics and Test my bot. 


But while trying to publish my chatbot. Im getting an error like

"Your bot may not work as intended right now due to your organization's data loss prevention policies. Address affected topics or contact your admin"


Could you please help on this

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Hi @Vinay09150915,


The error message you're encountering suggests that your organization's data loss prevention (DLP) policies are impacting the functionality of your chatbot in Power Virtual Agents. Data loss prevention policies are put in place to protect sensitive information from being shared or leaked.

To resolve this issue, you have a few options:

1. Review DLP policies: Take a look at your organization's DLP policies to understand which specific policies are causing the problem. Make sure you are familiar with the guidelines and restrictions set by your organization regarding data protection.

2. Address affected topics: Identify the topics or content in your chatbot that might violate the DLP policies. Check for any sensitive information or data that should not be shared through the chatbot. Modify or remove those topics to align with your organization's guidelines.

3. Contact your admin: If you are uncertain about the specific DLP policies affecting your chatbot or need assistance with resolving the issue, reach out to your organization's administrator or IT support team. They can provide guidance and help you navigate the DLP policies within your organization.

4. Seek approval: If you believe that certain topics or information in your chatbot should be exempt from the DLP policies, you can request an exemption or seek approval from your organization's appropriate department. This may involve providing justification or implementing additional security measures to ensure data protection.

Remember, complying with your organization's DLP policies is crucial to safeguard sensitive information. It's important to work closely with your organization's administrators or IT support to ensure that your chatbot aligns with the established policies while still providing a valuable user experience.

If you require further assistance or encounter specific issues while addressing the DLP policies, feel free to provide more details, and I'll do my best to help you.




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