Unable to login to Teams

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This concerns a specific Microsoft account trying to log into Teams for Consumers. User had no issues logging in until a few days ago. Now log-in fails on all available user interfaces, i.e. Windows 11 app, website on Edge, iOS app.


No useful error message is given, but when logging into the website, the console reveals, inter alia, the following error messages:

  • getIntent Failed to get SMB user intent. {"statusCode":401,"errorMessage":"Get skype token promise timed out, keep retrying. Is expected:false","message":"Call to PaywallService.getConsumerLicenseDetails failed. "}
  • PeopleResolverService: [doGetPeopleProfile] Unable to resolve given user UPN. Error: unknown.

  • TenantService: [getTenants] Failed to get all tenants. Error: unknown

The Microsoft account in question is part of a M365 family subscription with 2FA enabled. It works otherwise flawlessly, i.e. can access all Office products online/installed and can log into Skype. Other clients (using different user accounts) on the same network work flawlessly, too.


According to portal.office.com/servicestatus, there are no known server issues with Teams (Consumer).


Any ideas for troubleshooting would be appreciated.

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I had issues as well, on Friday more precisely. My consumer account was dropped from meetings multiple times. Seems ok now, how about you?

@ChristianJBergstrom Unfortunately, still does not work with this specific account, regardless of the interface (Windows, iOS, iPad OS, web) . Logging into Teams with a different MS account on the same devices works without issues. 


In the meantime, I tried moving the account from one M365 subscription to another, but that did not change anything.


I'm a bit lost on how to further approach this issue, as it appears to be limited to that account, but at the same time it only manifests itself on Teams, all other MS365 services work fine. Anyone know of a MS support channel for that kind of issue?