Unable to login even after reinstall

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Teams desktop app crashed on me yesterday morning during a screenshare, since then I have been unable to login on my PC desktop app. I just get the splash screen that says 'loading microsoft teams' but it never progresses past that.


I can login on my mobile app, web, and a desktop app on another PC, so I feel this is a local issue.


I performed the below to trouble shoot -


Cleared cache, including emptying the suggested folders of files using the advice given here -


Signed out of all platforms

Flushed DNS

Reinstalled, including deleting any leftover files from the uninstall

Whitelisted domains

Deleted all cookies

Reset password


Nothing has worked.

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@asansome80 Hello, delete all content in %Appdata%\Microsoft\Teams and %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\Teams


Then do a reinstall by forcing to another version than the one you have been using for reinstall Force Teams desktop client update - Microsoft Tech Community


This only for reference

Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams installation and update issues on Windows - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft...



Uninstalled again, removed the content in folders you gave me, downloaded from the URL you provided using an older version number.


Fixed - thank you :)

Great news!