Unable to change display name in Microsoft Teams

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Hi there.


I am using free version of Microsoft Teams. For this, I am having issues with display name. Even though user ahcheah@hans.com.sg has changed her display name to Ai Hua, she is still known as fhtan@hans.com.sg in the people pane.




Same goes for myself, though i have changed my name to Nusrath, I am still shown as Nusrathe in the people pane.





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Try to wait for the O365 sync to your Teams Client?

@nemotan1805 we dont use O365.

@nusrath , 


Were you able to solve this issue? 

I am having the same problem.

I changed my name in the profile on the website, but the old text is still showing up in Teams. 

@nemotan1805 any ideas?



Did you find how you resolve this problem? Because I have the same issues too

@Teodora_Cezara26, No.

And it's very annoying. It's one name on most MS websites, including this one, but the other, wrong name in Teams and some other sites.


It's almost as if they are using different fields to store names for different sites and cannot sync them.



@nusrath , @nemotan1805 

Hello @AlexAbramov, wanted to ask if the issue is related to Teams or the web or the app on desktop.

If it app on the desktop please go ahead to clear cache by going to %appdata% > Roaming > Microsoft Then rename the Teams folder here to Teams_old. Again go to Settings from the Windows Start Menu > Account > Access Work or School > Locate user account and disconnect.

When the above is done then relaunch Teams and sign. Ensure that you have closed Teams app and Outlook before carry out the above.
I am unable to change my user name
Just a quick note. Do not reveal personal details or confidential info online.
how do you do this on Mac?
hi @AlexAbramov
i am asking inf we could change the colour of our profile picture??