Two domains with same users/usernames in teams org

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Hi, we have a scenario where we have two companies under the same tenant, all our staff have roles in each company and so they all have two email accounts.
There doesn't seem to be an easy visual way to know which account is which when searching for a team member to chat to, or adding  new members to a team.

Each member has the name, username and title in each domain (i.e. "name @" and "name @"). When searching for a name in the searchbar, the email address doesn't appear for internal users, so there is no way or knowing which is the correct account to add to the team or chat. What is visible in the search results hits when typing is Firstname Lastname (USERNAME) Title, which is our case is the same for both accounts.

Our current workaround is to type the full email address which then removes one of the internal user account options, but this is painful and also non-intuitive for our staff ( the internal names pop up when typing and staff almost always pick the first option instead of continuing to type the full email address).


The second problem is that we have an organisation-wide team set up which has all staff in the team (both domains, this comes from the active directory). When adding people to a private channel within this team, there is literally no way to tell which of the two accounts belonging to each team member you are adding to the channel (using the email workaround above does not work). The only way is to either guess, or add both accounts to the team and then go though and delete the second account.


Does anyone have any suggestions to make this any easier? Obviously the best  solution would be if Microsoft had an option let the email address show in the search for internal users as well....

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I recommend changing the display name for each user to include the company name, e.g. "Amy Smith (Contoso)" and "Amy Smith (Fabrikam)".
I should have mentioned, we prefer not to change any settings that are seen by our external Clients. This affects the name others see when we send emails - each company/domain has a completely different set of Clients.