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As suggested before, I feel like there is a servely lack of accessibility in MSFT Teams: When you are not able to speak (due to a disability), you normally use an AAC-program to speak.

When using Teams, one has to chat instead of speaking (if you are not able to speak) due the lack of any kind of TTS support in Teams! Some teachers do not read the chat when they're presenting. 

One "quick fix" (inspired by Zoom) is being able to share your computersound without sharing the screen and allowing multiple screens to be shared in the same meeting.

If you wanted to, I would argue that Azure's "Speech" TTS could be better than the Zoom feature: Being  able to navitely use a Microsoft TTS feature to Speak during Teams Meetings would be awesome <3


Links to my previous suggestions (same subject):

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Hi @Jdreioe 


Have you considered using an app like Virtual Audio Cable VB-Audio Virtual Apps ( ?


It's a sound device that provides an input and an output device. Select the VAC input as your speakers, and the VAC Output as your mic, then any noise from your PC will become your mic input. Set the listen settings on the input so you can actually hear the meeting. This way your computer sound is turned into your mic input, so you could use a soundboard, TTS etc.


No I have not. It seems to be the solution I have been looking for, but it's still super annoying to use a third party tool to fix a issue that could be easily fixable with Teams.
Virtual Audio Cable apparently does not work in Teams. On Zoom and Discord however, it works...

@Jdreioe It works for me on a PC just fine, I did test this before suggesting it.


@Steven Collier I have installed the VB-Audio Virtual Cable and it seems to work once or twice and then no longer works properly.  I am trying to use it with Cisco Jabber and Teams.  I was able to call out through Jabber on my PC to my cell phone and it worked twice.  It allowed me to speak and also use narration in Word and read text out loud in Edge out to the cell phone.  I tried doing the same on a Teams call and the person on the other end could not hear any of the PC generated audio.  The same thing happened when I tried again through Jabber.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what to look for/at?

@mjkehl3 Sorry, you're at the end of how I can help, I use VAC regularly when recording videos showing Teams features, but the other way round (sound out of Teams into my recording app). It's never failed me.


Are you sure you were not muted in Teams? 

@Steven Collier I am positive I was not muted as I was in a Teams call with both my colleague and myself having a conversation.  When I tried to send the Word narration or Edge read out loud to my colleague via the VAC, it would play on my end but they could not hear it on their end.