Tracking Down the Blueberry in Microsoft Teams



Browsing a Teams configuration file uncovered a reference to a blueberry. There’s no obvious link between Teams and a small fruit, so it’s some form of in-joke among the product designers or developers. A point of trivia for a holiday Friday!

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@Tony Redmond I was looking around the Teams files today and adding a hidden option `"enableBlueberry": true,` under `settings` in the `env_config.json` embedded inside the `app.asar` enabled a multi-account/tenant menu. I'm still looking at how this works but so far it looks like it will allow you to switch to teams in another tenant you are a guest in.
I have attached a screenshot of the option and changes to the status menu.

@rtm516  Yep. That's one of the blueberry hints that are around Teams.

@Tony Redmond Any idea if there is more information known publicly about this? or when it will be released? As currently, I'm using a bit of software I developed (it injects into the Teams files) to run multiple teams instances to save me from logging in and out constantly.